We understand how important is it to keep our furkid's food fresh at all times and we're here to help!

What does it mean by repacking?

Our repacking means that we will repack your kibbles into 3-5 smaller heat-sealed packets depending on your kibble bag size so that you can save the hassle of searching for a container that fits the humongous bag of kibbles and reduce the effect of air on the palatability and texture of the kibbles.

How do I store the repacked bag?

For all repacked bags, you are strongly advised to keep the bag back inside its original packaging for maximum freshness. Only take out the repacked bag when necessary, and avoid opening the original packaging unnecessarily.

For the repacked bag, try to keep it in an airtight container and away from sunlight and direct heat.

Is there a charge for repacking?

No, our repacking service is free of charge.


*Please do take note that we only offer repacking for 7kg and above*